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Amori e Aromi
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About us

The experience of three generations of producers and technolocical innovation at Azienda Agricola Raviola they have found just the right balance. 20 years of specialisation in aromatic plant cultivation has brought the business to a manufacturing excellence of the product, while respecting the environment, the product and its typical link to the territory. The company headquarters and production are in Albenga, on the Ligurian Riviera, and it is appreciated throughout Europe for the quality of their plants.
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The company pays great attention to product quality and the impact that its cultivation has on the environment. The creation of an ideal microhabitat around the single plant, the automation of the production process and the use of chemical and organic products certified by Global Gap guarantees full respect of the production, personnel, the customer and the environment in general. A long term commitment which guarantees a high standard of quality and the least impact on the ecosystem.
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The company Raviola uses advanced tecnology designed specifically for their production. All stages of production from potting to pruning, from sorting to classifying up until packaging are assigned to the mechanized system. The use of technology ensures to guarantee a high level of production of plants with uniform volume and growth. An important assurance of quality for the customer who chooses Raviola's plants.
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