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Aromas from the land of the Riviera,
on your tables... with love

Amori e Aromi
Cultivate a corner of nature on your balcony and pick your herbs
Aromatic herbs enrich the taste of food without adding calories and above all, enhance the flavours. So they are ingredients that you cannot be without in the kitchen. The best way is to always have freshly grown herbs at home and its a fun thing to do. We reveal how, once you purchase a tray of "Amori e Aromi", preserve the best varieties and take advantage of the characteristics for as long as possible.

Not very demaning

A little bit of space, sun and water!
Most of the aromatic herbs need sunlight to unfold fully scented and tasty, with the exception of parsley and mint that perfer to grow in the shade.
Growing aromatic herbs in pots allows you to move your small supply of aromas and scents to the best place, most appropriate to the season to keep them green all year round.

Once purchased

The plants can be maintained in the original plants pots. After a while it may be necessary to re-pot them. In which case you will not need to necessarily use a very large pot: a smallish pot is quite sufficient for aromatic herbs. Check that the roots do not come out of the pot and, if necessary, snip off those in excess. In the website you will find more useful information for each variety.

Guide lines

In principle it is appropriate to remember to maintain the best characteristics of the plant:
  • Water regularly avoiding water stagnation;
  • Prune (trim) the plants that grow to big guaranteeing a continuing production of flowers or leaves;
  • Protect the plants from wind;
  • Do not expose the plants to harsh temperatures (-5°).