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Ocimum basilicum
The name derives from the Greek word "Basilikos = regal plant" the name attributes to its goodness as an aromatic herb. The leaves are eaten fresh because, if dried, they completely lose their taste. They can be conserved in various ways: in glass jars containing olive oil or frozen. Other than adding flavour to dishes, basil is also used for its therapeutic properties: stimulant, excitant, antispasmodic, disinfectant. Its properties assist as a digestive, help combat halitosis, migraines, gastric spasms and tiredness in general. The oil is used for massaging painful parts of the body or for sufferers of rheumatism.


Form of propagation
From seed
Cultivation environment
Heated greehouse
Prefers a sunny spot
Does not like the cold
Prefers an average amount of humidity of the substrate