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Lemon balm

Melissa officinalis
Lemon balm has been used for its curative properties since the 10th century: infact the arabs used it like cordial and against melancoly. The dried flowers are used in herbal shops; added to other aromatics, they are used to prepare decoctions or herbal teas. It is also widely used by the friars and the monks in the preparation of medicinal and aromatic recipes. Its properties are: antispasmodic, relaxant, stomachic, emmenagogue and tonic. In cooking lemon balm is ideal to add flavour to salads, soups, meat or to flavour wines, liqueurs and vinegars. Added to bath water or used as a tonic for the skin it is an excellent stimulant and detergent.


Form of propagation
From seed
Cultivation environment
Open air
Prefers a sunny spot or semi-shade
Can tolerate the cold
Prefers a low level of moisture