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Lippia dulcis

Lippia dulcis
A herb with Mexican origins used in Aztech times to cure sore throats, colds, bronchitis, asthma and colic. The leaves contain a composition of hernandulcina a thousand times sweeter than sugar, and so is useful for diabetics and to reduce the craving for sugars if not willing to give up desserts. An essential oil can be extracted from the leaves, which are used in the cosmetic industry. The dried leaves and flowers can be used to perfume wardrobes and rooms, also in the preparation of tisane, infusions and compresses. One can use this herb in the kitchen to make liqueurs, jams, add to fruit salads or as a spice. It has a substantial quantity of melatonin, commonly used as a natural relaxant that induces a good nights sleep.


Form of propagation
Cultivation environment
Open air
Full sun
Does not tolerate temperatures below -5°
High level of moisture