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Salvia officinalis
The name derives from the Latin adjective "salvus" that means "safe, healthy" this already indicates that in ancient times this herb was appreciated for its medicinal properties. For the Egyptians, the Romans and in Medieval times it was considered a herb capable of healing all evil. A general tonic, diuretic, painkiller, antispasmodic, antiseptic and it was recommended in case of asthma, mouth infections, throat and respiratory tract, influenza, eczema, colds, sores, ulcers and dermatitis. It is one of the most regularly used spices in the kitchen adding flavour and spice to roasts and in particular cuts of meat, game, fish, soup and vegetables. Sage should be used alone because of its intense flavour which can cancel out the taste of other spices.


Form of propagation
Cultivation environment
Open air
Upright or prostrate, according to the variety
Prefers full sun
Can withstand mild cold
Prefers a low humidity level