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Aromas from the land of the Riviera,
on your tables... with love

Amori e Aromi
Quality research that goes beyond that of the product
Automation and productuction tecniques only characterize the production of the company Raviola and make a difference in the market. The production is subject to constant surprise spot checks by the certification bodies and customers can follow, at any time during the production phase, tests and analyses of which directly influences the purchasing decisions.

The pots like layers of an onion

The plant pot: a thermoformed containter made from recycled plastic. Soil: the cultivation substrate consists of the highest quality materials like fragments of bark. These have two functions: to improve the physical structure, improving the drainage; decreasing the "spillout" of nutritive substances in the environment that may be polluting. Fertilizer: the centre of the strength and nourishment of the plant. Incapsulated in a membrane gradually releasing nutritious elements. This ensures the proper nutritional contribution during both cultivation and after the sale. Small plant: the balance between the radicle and air system guarantee quality and consistency of the product.

Low impact

Electric forklifts in the greenhouse and in the open field we make good use of the space. This permits more plant cultivation, a saving of water and less use of composts and fertilizers, containing the impact on the environment. Fertilizing takes place using chemical and organic products which are certified by Global Gap. We have also integrated pest management systems, choosing the most appropriate method best suited to the situation. The focus, as well as on the environment and the customer, is also aimed at the workers who are fully protected and comply with Global Gap. Mechanization also allows workers to work in an upright position, it's a benefit.


Depending on weather conditions or the advancement of plant growth, the production is taken outdoors or retained in the greenhouse. In this way the plants become more robust and the roots are contained in the plant pot. At the same time reducing the attack of pathogens (insects e/o fungus), it is visibily possible to control the production and detect any diseased plants, so that they can be eliminated and do not contaminate the healthy ones. Therefore keeping costs lower, less use of fertilizers, pesticides and composts all an advantage to health and to the environment. The client will buy a cheaper, stronger product, that will be better suited to the new habitat.