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Amori e Aromi
Working the land by hand is worthwhile, optimizing with technology a resourse
Completely automated, under the control of the experts at Azienda Agricola Raviola, all of the production phases are optimized to obtain excellence in the quality of the plants produced, and for the minimization of environmental impact for the benefit of the workers, the consumer and the territory. The technology used is designed and built specifically to meet the needs of the production.
Each stage of production is automated and enhanced to ensure high quality standards of product quality.

In pots

The cutting, now established is placed in the pot which, through a filler is filled with soil supplemented with a slow release fertilizer. The small plant begins its life cycle and continues the automated working process.


On a conveyor belt, following the transplanting of the plant, irrigation occurs, thanks to automation, it takes place using the right amount thereby avoiding any eventual risk of water stress.


Thanks to the alternation of transport systems, the plant arrives in proximity of the darkroom where a camera with a volume sensor selects the production for volume and growth.


Only at this point of the process can we proceed with the trimming of the plant, useful to improve growth. This is carried out with automatic pruners that ensure uniformity of cutting and maintaining the level of production.

Position in the field

The uniform lots are planted out in environments in keeping with the season, variety or state of growth.
This operation is repeated for the entire period of cultivation. It has the advantage of saving water and guarantees the right quality standards to the customer.
Certificazione Agroqualita
Automated irrigation
Mechanical selection
Packaging and delivery